26 September 2012


Kelly Osbourne
I must say this is the best I've seen Kelly, healthy, elegant. Not entirely sure how I feel about her hair colour matching her dress but she's quirky and somewhat pulls it off.

Giuliana Rancic
A stunning sleek black number for Mrs. Rancic, minimal accessories, her hair complements her dress beautifully. Not a stand out though..

Jessica Pare
One of the most fabulous gowns of the evening (and by one of my favourite designers Jason Wu). This is true Hollywood glamour

Padma Lakshmi
Gorgeous gown, gorgeous colour, gorgeous woman. She looks effortlessly elegant, with soft curls cascading over her bare shoulders. Minimal, natural, perfect.

Ginnifer Goodwin
Yeah.. I don't know what to make of this. At times I look at it and hate it, then I love it. Undecided.

Heidi Klum
Take that Seal (with your narky comments)! Heidi is breathtaking in this powder blue, Grecian inspired extravaganza. Matching earrings and accessories complete her look, now this is a woman!

Jena Malone
For a while I racked my brain trying to figure out where I knew this chick from and then it came to me, she plays the adolescent daughter in one of my favourite films, Stepmom. Love the film, hate this ensemble. The dress kills me as does her shoes and please don't start me on her bangs. GET A STYLIST, PRONTO!

Julianne Moore
I loved Raf Simmons collection for Dior but I'm not loving this on her. The colour does absolutely nothing for her and theres just so much damn fabric! This one was better left on the Runway.. stick with Tom, Julianne!

Ashley Judd
This was a joke wasn't it? ..It wasn't!? Really!? ASHLEYYYYYYYY!!!!! This outfit makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a salad fork. Debutant meets mother of the bride gone OH SO WRONG. What is with the Snooki poof? And is that a diamante brooch? Ok I'm stopping before I break out in a stress rash.

Amy Poehler
This Stella McCartney gown would look fabulous on ANYONE (except her).

Cat Deeley
She looks pretty but it feels cheap to me, like a debutante ensemble on a budget. Not digging the House of Harlow clutch, it's not Emmy material

Christina Hendricks
Yes, we get it, you have curves! I'm pretty sure this woman has worn a variation of this dress to every red carpet event. Something a little less predictable, please.

Claire Danes
I hated her as a child because I was madly in love with Leonardo DiCaprio and I was wildly jealous that she got to kiss him, I've managed to put that past me in my adulthood. Claire looks positively radiant in this Lanvin number, a breath of fresh air. 

Edie Falco
I loved this design by Stella McCartney however this woman looks like she's just won a boxing title or something. Wrong.

Emilia Clarke
This is admittedly my favourite gown of the evening. Elegant, modern, perfect length and a nice little flash of flesh with the front split. The heels look fabulous, the girl looks fabulous, 10/10.

Emily Vancamp 
ZZZZZZZZZ!! BORINGGGG!! Boring girl, boring dress, just plain boring.

Hayden Panettiere
Poor Hayden really has never got it right. I can't event begin to understand this dress, is that gold brocade under draped navy netting? WHAT IS GOING ON? Her accessories are equally deathly. I'm a little afraid..

January Jones
Many have dubbed this the best frock of the evening, I say it's the best of an overall very bad bunch. I feel as though she is so amazingly beautiful and really could have done a lot more with her look. This truly does nothing for me.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss
Elaine looks great! (she'll always be Elaine to me) Lovely gown, I like the hint of blue in her earrings. She looks nice. 

Julie Bowen
I feel as though someone told Julie that Lime was the colour of the season so she went out and got herself the Limest dress she could find. Not a fan

Kat Dennings
It was the breast of times, it was the worst of times. Lots of cleavage going on here, the dress is.. well I really can't get past her breasts to comment.

Kathy Griffin
This explains why Kathy is and always will be on the D List. 

Morena Baccarin
Prior to seeing this dress, I had no idea who this woman was- the dress made me want to find out. Sexy (but not too sexy), elegant, great accessories, love her lip colour, love, love it all.

Sarah Hyland
This stunning age appropriate gown looks fabulous on Sarah. This girl will most certainly be one to watch as she comes of age.

Sofia Vergara
Would you expect any less from Sofia? This form fitting, sparkly ensemble is so her. Sofia and Zuhair Murad were made for one and other.

Tina Fey
Yeah I can't take this woman seriously. 

Nicole Kidman
This current collection Antonio Berardi gown is so Nicole. It makes no sense whatsoever on her but it's high fashion so that surely makes it alright, doesn't it? Don't know about that one..

Lucy Liu
It's Versace, it's sexy, it's fierce- a hard dress to conquer. Lucy wears this dress, it doesn't wear her. 

Zooey Deschanel
Cute dress, Cute girl. Cute, cute

25 September 2012


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